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Clara Lucille (Fowler) Branson
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Clara was told many times that her ancestors were related to the famous Kit Carson, although we have not yet found that link (her great grandmother was Nancy A. Carson)
Clara and Ira were married in Taos, New Mexico, the
base camp of Kit Carson

Clara in 1957

Ira and Clara, about 1920


Clara Fowler was born August 17, 1882 in Hebron, Nebraska.  She was the youngest of nine children of James and Jennie Fowler.  Clara's mother died when she was 4 years old and Clara was raised by her older sister, Hattie Jane Lindsey and her husband, Samuel. Hattie and Samuel had an instant family when they were married because they were married the same year that Clara came to live with them. It's not certain where Hattie and Samuel met, but they moved to New Mexico sometime after they were married. Taos, New Mexico happens to be the area where the famous Kit Carson resided and was buried. Clara's grandfather, Benjamin Fowler, married Nancy Carson and it' s possible that she was related to Kit Carson, however a connection has yet to be verified.

Ira and Clara were married on June 6, 1898 in Tres Piedras, Taos Co., New Mexico. He was 19 years old, and Clara was 16 years old at the time of their marriage.  I was told that Clara was madly in love with Ira and was very excited to begin her new life, traveling the country with Ira as he built new roads with his crew.

Clara was very active in the community where she and Ira settled in about 1912.  The beautiful Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, California became their home until they moved into the nearest town, Geyserville, in about 1935.  William, their youngest son, recalls this was the first time they enjoyed the benefits of electricity and indoor plumbing.  While living in the Valley, Ira ran his team of horses and his crew, building many roads in the county.  Clara helped by providing meals for the crew, among other services.  She developed the ability to nurse others back to health, and was called upon by neighbors to assist them when their family members were ill or injured.  She was an active member of the local Rebeckah's Lodge and participated in many functions and events.  Clara and Ira lived in Geyserville until their health and age required them to move in with their youngest son, William, in the early 1960's.    

This site maintained by Sandra Branson Young