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Descendants of Thomas MOORE Sr.

Table of Contents

NOTE - Since this was published it has been determined that Lemuel Moore born in about 1772 was probably in Grainger County, Tennessee from 1800 to 1830.  Therefore, please DO NOT USE THE INFORMATION LINKING LEMUEL TO THE MOORES OF GREENE CO, TN. 

CAUTION:  some of the information in this GEDCOM file was obtained from census records and has not been verified.  If you post this information please include a caution statement such as this one.
If you find any errors or if you have information about the people described here, please notify me by

An Asterisk (*) has been placed next to those whose parents are unverified.  Family connections were made using proximity and migration patterns.


After several hundred hours of research on the Moore families in pre-1900 Knox and Laurel County, Kentucky, certain patterns began to appear, namely:

1.  Between 1803 and 1807 there were several members of the Moore family living in Knox County.  The earliest arrivals were members of (or related to) the Thomas Moore / Rosannah Fowler family.  The 1803 Knox County Tax Record lists Thomas, Jesse, William, Isaac and John.  It is known that Thomas and Rosannah had a son named Jesse, so it assumed the Jesse listed was their son.  William and John are probably Thomas' brothers and Isaac was probably the son of William or John.  Thomas and Rosannah migrated from South Carolina.  The 1800 Laurens Co SC census includes Thomas, Ephraim (Thomas' son), John, William, Lemuel and Mordecai Moore, along with at least a half dozen Fowler families.  Records of a Mordecai Moore were found in early Pennsylvania records along with a Thomas Moore Sr.  It is known that many early PA residents migrated south into Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee prior to and after the Revolutionary War.  Early PA records include many of the surnames of those who went to these various regions, including Evans, Davis, Philpot, Reynolds, Smallwood and Moore.

2.  It is known that Anthony Moore and several other members of the Moore family migrated from PA to VA to Greene Co Tennessee, arriving in TN in about 1783, shortly after the Revolutionary War ended.  Among those who were in pre-1790 Greene Co TN were Anthony, Hugh, James, John, Moses, Robert, Samuel and William Moore.   Some of these families stayed in TN while others went to South Carolina, Kentucky and Arkansas.  Those who went to Kentucky settled in Knox County very near the other Moore families who were already there (see #1 above). 

3.  Based on proximity and migratory patterns of these various Moore families, it became quite apparent that many (if not all) of them were related to one another.  Members from each group were found living next to, or very near each other in 1810 and 1820 Knox County KY.  Members from each group married into the same families, including Evans, Reynolds, Mullins, Pruitt (Prewitt) and Chesnut, many of whom were in Greene Co TN prior to moving to KY.

It is not possible to be 100% certain of the relationships between the various Moores who settled in Knox County (part of which later formed Laurel and Rockcastle Counties).  However, it is possible to link them to the same roots that go back to pre-Revolutionary War Pennsylvania.  This GEDCOM file attempts to show how those relationships MIGHT have been.  It is not meant to present a verified parent/child connection.  Note the use of an Asterisk (*) next to those names whose parents are unverified.  I have included all of my research notes so some of the documentation is very lengthy.  This was done in order to share the information I found, whether or not it was pertinent to the specific individual.  Your comments are welcome.  Please email me if you discover errors.

bullet Narrative  Contains extensive research and analysis of Moores living in Laurel Creek, Knox, KY in 1820 and Laurel Co, KY in 1830-1840.  Possible connections are made between Moores in Laurel Co KY and Moores in Greene Co TN.  Includes maps and discussion about early borders between Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia and provides some information about the Moores who migrated to Tennessee from Pennsylvania.  Also includes information about Northampton County, Pennsylvania and the Moore families who lived there in the 1700's.
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